The Smart EMMA contest

In this rapidly changing world, we are using energy everywhere, and all the time. To warm our houses, to charge our devices, to build products for us and others. AXPO, in collaboration with Fab Connections, challenges YOU to change the way we generate and consume this energy, and to help make the world aware of how and where we are spending it. If you would like to participate, and win one of the machines or tools we will be awarding to the best ideas, you can enter idea(s) that will focus on monitoring or management of energy in households or small businesses. Read more and find some examples below.

How it works

So what is this about?

The Smart EMMA project challenges you to come up with an innovative idea for a product or service that either has a passive approach, so monitoring energy use to raise awareness, or a active approach, so managing energy creation and use. You can enter the contest by proposing an product, software or both, that you can prototype in a Fab Lab, but that could change the way we think about, and deal with, energy.

Dates and Deadlines

How long do I have?

The Smart EMMA contest launched the 26th of December 2014 and will run till the 20th of September 2015. The 20st of June 2015, the 10 finalists will be announced, after which 3 final winners will be chosen. If you want to participate, you can enter projects here at any time before beginning of June 2015. You'll be able to change and improve your entry any time, so if you have an idea, sign up now!

I want to join!

What do you need?
  • Project brief and motivation (~1.000 words).
  • Bio and profile of the team submitting the project.
  • Pictures, videos and multimedia materials describing the project idea.
  • Digital files for electronics design in Eagle format.
  • Digital files for any digitally manufactured part.
  • Complete bill of materials, including supplier information for all parts.

Need some inspiration?

Energy monitoring

Check energy consumption, live

How about an app, cross platform, that talks to a small wall plug monitoring the energy consumption of your house? Seeing on your smartphone that you use a lot of energy goes a long way to finding out why, and getting that energy bill down a notch!

Energy management

Use less, do more

You could make a smart plug that shuts of when you leave the room (linked to your phone?) or a smart door, knowing who's in the house and where, so lights are not on for nothing...

Data visualization

Make data beautiful

You walk into a hotel, and there is a screen showing a beautiful chart of the energy consumption of the hotel, and individual guests.. will you be the guest of the week consuming the least energy? Prizes for the winner!