About Axpo Italia SpA

The Italian company Axpo Italy SpA is a subsidiary of the Swiss group Axpo, the leading company in the energy sector property of the Cantons in North East Switzerland. The Italian market is among the most important for the Axpo Group, now present with own subsidiaries in many European countries and active throughout the energy chain. In Italy Axpo came with the starting of the liberalization of the electricity market through its subsidiary EGL. The local company, based in Genoa and with offices in Milan and Rome, was founded in 2000 under the name EGL Italia SpA, then changed to Axpo Italia SpA in 2012.

Today Axpo Italia is not only active in selling and trading of energy products and derivatives, but acts as a center of development and support for Group industrial projects in the peninsula. The Axpo Group has developed a detailed business plan to acquire its own production capacity. Currently in Italy, the Group has approximately 1800 MW of installed capacity in combined cycle plants and 66 MW in wind farms. Additional 1.580 MW of capacity from renewable resources are managed through long-term supply contracts.

For more information on AXPO Italia visit: https://www.axpo.com/axpo/it/en/home.html