the way we
deal with energy.


the way we deal with energy

Reinvent. the next killer solution
for energy monitoring


the next killer solution for energy monitoring

Empower. people improving
their lives and the environment


people improving their lives and the environment

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for your Fab Lab


useful equipment for your Fab Lab

Project themes

Our vision on how our mascotte, Emma, will manage energy in the future

Passive approach
Understand energy consumption and home safety

Through these energy monitoring applications, the smart home-owner Emma can have a constant control on energy consumptions, going from a global overlook to a detailed analysis of energy usage.

She will be able to verify anomalies occurring in energy use, either associate them with occupancy in the house or in the event of a breakdown, thanks to the detection sensors installed and alert settings, to understand if there are any electrical appliances working while outside the home, monitor their energy usage and effective costs in real time.

She can use a surveillance system and be alerted by sms or email every time an outage or an unpredictable event occurs, set up preferred energy consumption targets on either a weekly or monthly basis and check the level of consumptions remotely as well as monitor the target on her smartphone.

Moreover, Emma can have access to all consumption data stored, consult and analyze profiles of interest through user-friendly graphs or tabular views.

Active approach
Manage and optimize energy use

Through these smart energy management applications, Emma can now manage potential energy savings in first person, optimizing the appliances usage in order to use energy only when necessary (and keeping cost low) and prevent any outage.

Emma can access an intelligent building control scheduling the time to switch on and off the HVAC and lighting system either on a temperature-based or occupancy based logic.

She can set up electric priorities based on which the load shedding approach is automatically applied in a controlled manner, and of course monitor remotely from tablet or smartphone. Using a mobile interface she can also activate or deactivate any default automation implemented. Moreover, thanks to a system of power alerts and bulletin updates she is aware of all actions taking place in the home while at her office.


Great prizesTop quality equipment for your Fab Lab

1st prize
ShopBot HandyBot + Makerbot Replicator 2

CNC machining and high-quality 3D Printing in one prize!

2nd prize
FormLabs Form+

One of the best machines for 3D printing with SLA technology

3rd prize
Ultimaker 2

Top notch FDM printer, for high precision fast 3D prints.

How to applyApplying to the contest is easy, this is all you need know

Original Design

Your project must be original, created by you or your FabLab team.

Source Files

You must provide all the source files for your project.


Your project must be replicable with tools commonly present in FabLabs.

Cheap and Easy

The proposed solution must be cheap enough (no more than 100 Euros in parts) and easy to produce.


You need to provide good documentation and manual for your project.


We are looking for modern, wi-fi enabled solutions. So think about some way of making your solution well connected.

Integrated solution

Consider ways to hook-up with existing infrastructure (power, gas, water, data) already in place.

Low maintenance

Your project should require very little if any maintenance to be efficiently deployed in home or work environments.

Mobile friendly

Projects should focus on using mobile platform for control, rather then adding yet another screen to look at.

We can't wait to see what you are able to build

Apply now and surprise us with the next killer solution in energy efficiency

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